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With their songs, LinaBó want to bring hope and give people more incentive to burn for something. Watch, get involved, speak out loud what you think! Stop functioning, feel yourself, let go and enjoy life!

Her songs take you on her own journey when you listen to them, carried by Celina’s very touching voice, which sparkles with colour, warmth and sensuality, effortlessly jumping between registers, and sounds that move between South American exoticism and German retro pop. In which role models such as ZAZ or Manu Chao resonate, as do Celina’s Cuban roots, who are full of cosmopolitanism and curiosity, who dare to dream and at the same time do not close their eyes to reality. Lots of good vibes and, very important: lots of love.

With this concert series, we are building on the hundred-year history of the Hotel Zoo Berlin. Traditionally we are a place for those who have big plans. For those who aim for the moon. We want to offer a stage that supports yet unknown talents in expressing their art and winning over their audience.

The concerts remain free of charge because we believe inclusivity- not exclusivity matters. We also welcome musicians from all over the world and every genre of music.

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