12.12.2023 | 19 UHR

The joy of the holiday season has reached its peak with our exclusive Christmas Jazz soiree, presented by the enchanting singer Jacqueline Boulanger. Let yourself be seduced by the harmonious sounds accompanied by double bass and piano. Step into the glamorous world of HOTEL ZOO BERLIN and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere. Admission to this extraordinary event is free of charge.
An evening of generosity
Together, we would like to do good. All proceeds from this evening will benefit Sonnenhof Children’s Hospice. The concert will not only charm your senses but also support children and families in need. Experience an unforgettable night full of elegance and music.
Due to limited seating, registration through our guest list is required:

With this concert series, we are building on the hundred-year history of the Hotel Zoo Berlin. Traditionally we are a place for those who have big plans. For those who aim for the moon. We want to offer a stage that supports yet unknown talents in expressing their art and winning over their audience.

The concerts remain free of charge because we believe inclusivity- not exclusivity matters. We also welcome musicians from all over the world and every genre of music.

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